1st - Macao Sound Map

"Sound Map" is a practical exercise that introduces the students to the conceptual representation and design of sound in opposition to the factual recording of sound.
Selected Group A5 - Celia, Coby, Eva, Moon & Phoebe
"Coking Sound at Wan Ca Fong"


This exercise  was conducted with 11 Groups of Students in March 2012 and resulted in a basic Sound-Map of Macao was uploaded to the Freesound Website:

Please Zoom in to the Region of Macao at the Freesound Geotags Map or check all the field-recordings from this project at:

Step 1
In this exercise pairs of students walk together in different locations taking turns in two roles: (A) describing the sound elements that one can identify blindfolded; (B) taking notes creating a list of sounds, and a log of events. In some Cases Students form Groups of 3.
Step 2
Students create a set of sounds that correspond to the list from the previous step by searching and retrieving sound files from the website freesound.org.
Step 3
Using the sounds from the step 2, students should create a sound montage using a non-linear sound editing software (recommended: Audacity) that corresponds to the sequence of events described on the sound log from step 1. By the end of this step students have a Sound Sketch of the location visited previously, which represents their perception of that experience. Sound elements should be emphasized according to description at the sound log.
Step 4
Students should go back to the locations and record the audio from the sound walk and take some photos from the location.
Step 5
The exercise is finalized. At this point the student should compare the Sound Sketch and the Field Recording, and critically analyze the differences.