Friday 6 April 2012

LCM211 - Digital Audio Recording / Production Systems

This website presents the results from the  digital audio recording / production systems course as part of the licentiate Degree in Communication and Media at University of Saint Joseph - MACAU. 
This course was Lectured by Álvaro Barbosa from 08-30 March 2012.

The Course approached different techniques and methods for Digital Audio Production including technical, theoretical and aesthetic considerations. The focus was on developing working practices in production systems for Music, Sonic Arts and Audiovisual Design, based on the Recorded Audio Materials. The students developed work that allowed them to be well familiarized with industry standard production processes. During this module students  also acquired a theoretical and practical knowledge of the main principles applied in digital audio production systems, including audio recording, non-linear audio editing, digital audio processing and mixing. The learning process included hands-on exercises and projects integrated with lectures based on the analysis and discussion of reference work (Music, Cinema, Sound Design, Sonic Branding and experimental audio practices).

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